As a self-described “tastemaker-for-hire”, Heather has found her calling as an Event Planner + Designer. It’s a role that encompasses all the things she knows and practices—interior design, fashion, organization, crafting, and leading teams of professionals.

Genuinely inspired by all the love stories she hears everyday, Heather employs her passion for travel and different cultures in designing and producing some of the most personalized and spectacular weddings imaginable.

Her role is to ensure that each client feels supported throughout the entire planning, design, and production process. She loves discovering new ways to inspire guests, and seeing the satisfaction of her clients as their vision comes to life. Her warm, witty, and calming personality is always in demand – which is why she maintains close connections with clients years after their event.


The Adelphi team is a tight, closely knit group that plans and delivers an exclusive number of weddings and events throughout the year. We also consult on styling media editorials, events, and environments across the country.

We enjoy taking our event design and planning team on the road! We draw on our combined strengths to ensure every detail is in place, triple-checked and delivered flawlessly - regardless of how near or far we are from our home base.

Our team has the creative expertise to design virtually any kind of party or celebration from conception through execution. We offer a custom set of services that continuously exceed our clients’ expectations.

Come join us for coffee and let’s share our ideas for your truly unforgettable event! Here’s to getting inspired together.

with love, Heather & Team Adelphi


"Heather was my savior! I know that sounds dramatic, but anyone who's attempted wedding planning on their own knows that it's not. My wedding crossed THREE cultures, had almost SEVEN HUNDRED guests attending, and also had me - the world's most spazzy bride. Heather had her work cut out for her, and I honestly didn't see her break a sweat. She is a consummate professional. She was able to juggle one million requests at the same time (literally, probably 10 at once. No joke) and always had a smile on her face. On top of all this, she took me to coffee more than twice when she saw me showing signs of a breakdown. I could run through every time I wanted to freak out and didn't because of Heather, but then I'm sure no one would read that novel! Heather, I will never be able to thank you for all your hard work and for making my wedding so beautiful that people are STILL telling me how amazing it was. I would (and do) highly recommend Heather to any and all soon-to-be brides who want their day to be perfect!” - Parya S.


"If you were to look up the words amazing, fabulous, and incredible in the dictionary, you would see Heather's picture next to each one! When planning my wedding last year, I knew I needed someone I trusted and who could help make my vision come to life. Heather had planned one of my bridesmaids' wedding the year before and was very highly recommended --- and after our first meeting, my fiance and I loved her too! Heather had the expertise, knowledge, advice, "can-do-anything" attitude, and possibly a little fairy godmother dust to make the planning process so much easier. And on the big day, she was just FANTASTIC, directing all our vendors, setting everything up exactly as I'd wished, and handling any and every detail no matter how small. All of our guests have raved about how wonderful our wedding was and I owe a lot of the praise to Heather and her Team!" - Kaitlyn H.


"When Heather Johnson’s services were recommended to me, I was told that she was good. After having employed Heather as both my interior designer and event planner, I can tell you, she is not merely good, she’s incredible. When designing my home, Heather took into account the aesthetic, functional, and budget needs of my 5 housemates and found a way to make The Villa, as we call it, a beautiful home. The house is featured on Bravo’s new reality series, ‘Silicon Valley.’ Once my home was (impeccably) furnished, Heather applied her impressive work ethic to designing events for my company. Events both large and small were designed and executed free of flaw. In many instances, Heather was given a short amount of time and a strict budget. No matter the circumstance, each event was a stunning success. Pleasant, patient, and creative, I recommend Heather to anyone in need of a stellar interior/event designer who works efficiently and enthusiastically." - Marcus Lovingood


"Heather has an incredible ability to capture the muddled and, at the same time, very particular ideas I had for the look and feel of my wedding day. She transformed them all into a cohesive vision and from there translated this vision into a straight forward (and budget-friendly) action plan. In the months, weeks and even day of the wedding, I was able to focus on other things, fully confident that Heather and her team were behind-the-scenes making the event absolutely perfect.” - Steffanie M.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Heather as a colleague and trusted vendor for my clients. Seeing how she approaches her work from both the inside and out has shown she is one of the most genuine and hardworking planners out there. She takes great pride in paying attention to every last detail, in addition to building true relationships with her clients. Heather's passion for the industry and her undeniable enjoyment of her job make her a joy to work with and ensures a flawless event.” - Danielle L.


"I’ve been lucky enough to work with Heather for roughly five years as one of her party rental vendors. During our time working together I've noticed something different about Heather - she genuinely enjoys what she does and knows how to laugh instead of stress. She is an event planner I look forward to seeing in the office because she always has a smile on her face and knows exactly what she needs. She is fair with referrals and takes the time to go for the mom-and-pop companies before calling "the big guys". Having worked with many event planners over the years I can honestly say that Heather is unparalleled in her abilities. There has never been a hesitation to send clients to her because I know that they will be blown away by her work. I would love to have more referrals as consistent and competent! In my opinion, hiring Heather and the Adelphi Team would be the smartest decision anyone throwing a special event can make!" - Kim Hudson